Miracle Bay

Welcome to Miracle Bay! The home of Missing Support.

As the main Virtual “Real” World (VRW) for Missing Support, Miracle Bay is the hub for all that happens. Miracle Bay as a region sits at the mouth of the Miracle River in our fictional land. Surrounded by all forms of commercial spaces and residential communities, Miracle Bay is chock full of places to go and things to do. Miracle Bay even has its own news network.

As a VRW, Miracle Bay has multiple experiences in the “real” world for all of us: web, social media, and even real world shopping. On the web, you can see all of the different characters and settings in action. On social media, you can interact with the characters and help create content of your own if you want. To fully engage in the experience, you can buy clothes and other items from the online store (coming soon).

In Miracle Bay, we have cities like Boot Hill, Center Point and Hidden Shore where each of our characters live. We also have cities like Puzzled Cove and Toil City where they work. We have entertainment at Hermit Pier with putt putt golf and the Movie Plex 16. For those characters with children, we even have youth sports. Character parents can sign their kids up for soccer, baseball, softball or football with Miracle Bay Youth Athletics. We even have places where characters can get away like Eagle’s Nest, Lofty Retreat and Pirate’s Cove.

By following us on social media, you can keep up with your favorite characters and what is going on in their virtual lives. We have fictional events that they are attending as well as real online events that you will be able to attend too.