The Settings Make The Story

What’s a story without Setting. To be complete, you need to know WHERE and WHEN the story exists. By knowing the setting, you can picture the story in your mind or even feel it in your heart.

If you don’t know WHERE something is or WHEN, how do you know if you have a connection personally with the story already or if you need to pay close attention to learn something that you didn’t know before?

In Missing Support, the first setting to explore is Miracle Bay, the fictional home of our support group for those you don’t know they need help. It’s your typical area of the country that has all of the places where the “normal”, the “haves” and the “have nots” live, work and play.

To make Miracle Bay feel “real”, we’ve created lots of different cities, businesses, schools, and places to play. If you immerse yourself in the settings, you can hear their voices and the business noises, smell the ocean and the different foods, and see the kids playing.

As for WHEN, Miracle Bay is set in the present but many of the locations have deep, rooted history linked to the past. From the early 1900’s of historic downtown Boot Hill to the 1950’s boardwalk feel of the The Pier, history is rich throughout Miracle Bay.

For each WHERE in Miracle Bay, take your time to explore and enjoy the details described in each location. Whether your fishing from The Pier, drinking one of the craft beers at The Rowdy Pelican, or buying a new t-shirt from Bay Threads, each offers an opportunity to expand your Missing Support experience.

All of these virtual worlds then extend themselves to the “real” world where you interact with us on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. With Missing Support, the settings are endless.


John Q Thomas

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