What Is It?

Welcome to Missing Support!

This is the support group for those who don’t know they need support. Do you know people that seem like they can’t come in out of the rain? Me too. Sometimes you see someone doing or saying something so stupid that you wonder how they get through the day.

Missing Support is the place to commiserate with others who feel that similar yearning to point out examples of when the rest of the world has done something too damn stupid to pass up sharing. Some of the groups that need to be recognized for their special skills are:

  • Dumbasses
  • Hipsters
  • Rednecks
  • Corporate
  • Travelers
  • Seniors
  • Nerds

This particular support group also serves as a Virtual “Real” Universe (VRU). Instead of attending endless meetings with doughnuts and coffee, we can jointly share our observations here on the web and in social media. If you truly believe in Missing Support, you can even purchase clothes and collectibles to support our cause.

Peruse this site to see what we are all about. This universe is endless. Also follow us on social media and join the Missing Support group to contribute your own memes and observations.

Remember, pointing out the stupidity of others is all in good fun, so don’t be a jerk and make it personal. Some of them just can’t help themselves and one day you may even see yourself displayed on Missing Support with something that you’ve done.

Like I always say, “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!”


John Quincy Thomas