When you join Missing Support, you officially enter Missing Universe as an interactive member

You can become part of the story, helping us shape the experience that we all have by the content that you share and the interactions that you make with the characters.

But how?

For most writers, their universe consists of a series of novels or movies about a group of characters in a common setting. In those universes, you as the reader or viewer can only watch as the story unfolds. You can’t change anything. You might cosplay your way into feeling like you are part of the story but that is usually the extent of your interaction. One direction.

The definition of a universe is "a world in which something exists" ...
that perfectly describes
Missing Universe

With Missing Universe, you have a different experience that combines the fictional characters and settings with the real world members by placing both together in social media and in websites. You can not only watch the stories unfold as the Missing Support staff add content to both; but you can also PARTICIPATE in the creation of the stories themselves by posting and sharing content of your own.

Share a post and watch the characters comment about it in their blogs and see it be included in their activities. Respond to their challenges and polls and see your responses published. Just remember, the characters are fictional and this is all for fun.

As an example, we have real world websites and social media pages for settings like Boot Hill College and Cursed Booty Island. You can interact with their characters on social media. You can go on the web and check out their fictional course offerings and calendar of local activities. In the future, you can even signup for these fictional courses and activities and get updates and content directed to you.

The point of Missing Universe is to let you escape for just a minute from the crazy, daily life of the real world. Here you can share the things that make you laugh with your kindred spirits and get razzed by our fictional characters.

As with any good story, you need to start with a setting and for Missing Support and our Missing Universe that is Miracle Bay located at the mouth of Miracle River. You can find everything there just like in the real world.

There’s a corporate office park in Puzzled Cove and suburbs in Center Point and Hidden Shore. There’s a college town in Boot Hill and a getaway vista in Eagle’s Nest. There’s even a local amusement center at Hermit Pier with its own youth recreational league called Miracle Bay Youth Athletics.

Also with any good story, you need characters. We start with John Thomas and Peter Wood who are active contributors on Facebook. John and Peter are the tour guides if you will to Miracle Bay. You’ll find them hanging out in nearly every setting, even donning a little pirate cosplay at Cursed Booty Island.

We also have many playful characters like Pepe (our capuchin monkey, the mascot of Missing Support), Montego (a quite talkative parrot) and more.

Immersing yourself in the living story is the best part of the journey

Visit each of the locations in Miracle Bay to see all that we have to offer

As we continue to build our virtual world, more settings and characters will emerge. Go to each of our Miracle Bay settings to find out more details.